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Origins of NSYSU's Post-EMBA
In the face of a changing environment, the business paradigm that companies used to follow is no longer sufficient to meet new challenges. Only companies that are constantly learning and thinking outside the box can adapt to and thrive in the face of these changes. The key to the success or failure of a company is how they gather all kinds of resources, integrate the wisdom of all parties, and make the individual and company platforms work together. NSYSU's College of Management is the only EMBA program in Taiwan to be ranked in the top 100 in the world. Its mission and responsibility is to build a platform for continuous learning and sharing for entrepreneurs, to help companies achieve sustainable development and, in the words of the Zhouyi, “use beauty to benefit the world”. Therefore, in 2021, we joined hands with various partners to create a post-EMBA program called “Xi Wan Sheng Sheng Shu.” This program invites world-famous international faculty members from the industry to share what they've learned through many years of experience to assist business managers in continuously improving themselves, effectively responding to the challenges of changes, and grasping the current situation and business opportunities.

Program Name
Xi Wan: Xi Wan (also spelled Siwan) is the symbol of National Sun Yat-sen University. Its geographical location by the mountains and the sea also recognizes the pattern and temperament of the mountains and the sea.
Sheng Sheng: From the Zhouyi (周易), this refers to the continuous and sustainable development through continuous innovation and dynamic transformation.
Shu (private family school): This is an ancient private school set up to both teach and accompany students.

Vision and Goals

The “Xi Wan Sheng Sheng Shu” is a vibrant place of learning. Through the course, we hope to convey the concepts of “endless growth, wisdom transformation, and sustainable companionship” and become a high-end learning and co-creation platform that combines the latest practices with cutting-edge academics, and to cultivate entrepreneurs who are equipped with the ability to respond to changes and become leaders in various fields. This will help us reach the goals of “using beauty to benefit the world” and “endlessly growing.”


Course Content

  • The Post-EMBA is a one-year, non-degree program. A certificate of completion will be awarded at the end of the program.
  • Classes will be held during one weekend of each month (two consecutive days), with a total of 12 sessions per year. The course is divided into four modules: 1) Cultivation of leadership, 2) Understanding the Situation, 3) Transformation, and 4) Business Sustainability. Each module contains three different topics. Through the various thematic courses, participants are led to analyze their current situation and enhance their thinking and vision.

Module Instructors

  • The instructors are mainly famous teachers in the industry. They plan and lead the integration, reflection and activities in the module.

Cohorts (Curriculum)

  • 2021 The first post-EMBA program was jointly organized with Harvard Business Review and Kaohsiung Industry Development Association, and was called “Xi Wan Sheng Sheng Shu.”
  • 2022 In 2022, we will again work with Harvard Business Review and Kaohsiung Industry Development Association. We also partnered with the Taiwan Industry Creation Platform to jointly plan the second cohort of the post-EMBA program, called “Post-EMBA Xi Wan Sheng Sheng Shu.”


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