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Statistics Consulting Service

Statistics Consulting Service


Service category

1.   Main service

  • Assist case studies or research questions in a statistical manner.
  • Statistic models and data analysis.
  • Experiment design and analysis.
  • Questionnaire design and analysis.

2.  Service Time

  • Please refer to the service calendar for further scheduling. Each consultation is limited to 50 minutes and can only proceed to the next scheduled after the existing ones.

3.  Application

  • Booking only.  Please book your time 5 days prior to the intended consultation time.
  • Please refer to the service calendar and sign up for scheduling an appointment.
  • If you are unable to attend, please request a cancellation no later than the day before the consultation.
  • If you cancel or miss two consultation sessions this semester, you will not be able to sign up again this semester.

4.  Target group:   NSYSU College of Management faculties, students, and staff.

5.  Fee:   The service is free of charge.

Workshops (The workshop is for those who have prior knowledge of statistics)

1.   Contents

  • SPSS, M Plus, HLM, R, SEM, and related applications of statistical software.
  • Statistical applications to case studies and research questions

2.  Workshop time is as per announcements and notifications.

3.  The workshops are free of charge.

  • The center offers related software for download (see NSYSU Library)

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