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Practice Strategy

Practice Strategy

Putting in in-depth efforts in the local industry, introducing international practices and developing regional characteristics

The College of Management is based locally in Kaohsiung with the spirit of serving the southern region and cultivating excellent management talents. We have established ourselves an implacable role in this region by working closely with the industry in the south. In addition, we have bridged our students with the industry in advance through collaboration with many renowned industries, government agencies and research institutions in events.

Integrate learning and practice: Cultivate high level talents and support the development of local industry via intensive collaboration between academic and industry, which contributes to teaching and research.

In recognition of globalization and the needs of the industry. We deeply understand the importance of nurturing students' international competitiveness, workplace ethics and industry trend sensitivity during their school years, we plan to implement the following two strategies to promote the integration of learning and application, so as to equip our faculty and students with capabilities in internationalization, industry practice and social responsibility:

  1. We integrate the concept of "Action Leaning" into the curriculum so as to strengthen faculty and students' connections with international academia, industry, and society.
  2. We established the Office of Career Development (OCD), which plays a pivotal role in integrating the resources of departments and institutes. The Office not only enhances links with our alumni but also facilitates the benefits of industry-academia cooperation and provides services such as internship recruitment for companies.

Alumni supporting each other and passing on their spirit to the younger generation

Since the establishment of the first department, the Department of Business Management, in 1980, the College of Management has more than 20,000 alumni in companies and government agencies throughout Taiwan and around the world, forming a network of high-value resources that plays an important part in the construction and economic development of the country. In addition, the alumni have set up heritage scholarships, seminars and Academic Heritage and Dream Realization Program and other sponsored scholarships to give back to the younger students. They also hope to encourage the younger students to be courageous and pursue their dreams by passing on their experiences as seniors and elites in various fields. The alumni have proactively donated to the College to help build various large venues, such as the Lasertek International Conference Hall, the Doctoral Hall, the Jong Shyn Conference Room, the Tian Yung Lounge, the Hou De Conference Room, and the You Jhih Conference Room l, providing a high quality learning environment for the students. The heritage seminar was founded to serve as a platform for alumni to communicate with each other and to elevate their competitiveness and management skills.

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