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Department of Business Management


The Department of Business Management of National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) was established in 1980, and at the time of NSYSU's founding, the bachelor and graduate programs in the Department of Business Management and were the only bachelor’s program and master's program established at the same time. The doctoral program in business management was established in 1988, followed by the expansion of the daytime bachelor’s program from one class to two in 1992, and the part-time master's program (Group B) was launched in 1998. The master's program in health care management was merged in 2014. In 2017, the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program was introduced, followed by the establishment of the doctoral program in health care management in 2018.


    Outstanding educational goals
    We aim to cultivate management professionals who possess the characteristic of ‘圓融 yuánróng (worldly-wise)’ as well as professional skills, ethics, global perspective, and love for the homeland. ‘Worldly-wise’ people are the ones who are well-rounded, stable, humble, and flexible.
  • Professional skills: analysis, thinking, and decision making
  • Ethics: dedication, maturity, and stability
  • Global perspective: foreign languages, culture, and vision
  • Love for the homeland: community, hometown, and society
    Excellent teachers
  • Our faculty members are trained PhDs from multiple countries.
  • Our teachers' expertise covers all areas of the management field.
  • We have significant academic achievements.
  • Our research and teaching focus on innovative areas.
  • Our faculty members are constantly innovating their research and teaching in areas such as big data, long-term care, artificial intelligence (AI), and entrepreneurial management; all of which are key focuses in their respective fields.
    Exceptional teaching and research environment
  • Carefully designed professional programs
  • International exchange students
  • Equal emphasis on theoretical and practical teaching
  • Advanced research and teaching resources
    Quality students
  • We offer a variety of admission channels, such as individual application, admission by placement, special admission program and Star Plan in the bachelor’s program department, admission by recommendation and screening and entrance examination for the master's programs, and the establishment of DBA for working professionals in the doctoral program, which is an opportunity for those who wish to pursue further education. We have recruited students with excellent qualifications.
  • In conjunction with the Ministry of Education's on-the-job training program, we recruit working professionals with work experience in order to train management personnel at all levels.
    Prioritized interaction with the society
  • We provide a channel for working professionals to pursue further education and actively open a variety of classes for continuing education, including on-the-job training classes for corporates, master's credit program, etc., which are all well- received.
  • We have close interaction with the academia, society, and enterprises, and have signed cooperation agreements with companies to offer students corporate scholarships, summer internships, and exchange activities with corporations.


  • 1980 Bachelor and graduate programs
  • 1988 Doctoral program
  • 1992 The daytime bachelor’s program was expanded from one class to twoclasses.
  • 1998 Part-time master's program (Group B)
  • 2014 Master of Health Care Management program was merged.
  • 2017 Doctoral program in Business Administration (DBA)
  • 2018 Doctoral program in Health Care Management

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  • Location:CM3030
  • TEL:(07)525-2000 ext. 4602, 4603, 4605
  • Email:bmzzaa(at)mail.nsysu.edu.tw
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