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CSR Cooperation

College of Management’s Cooperative CSR Promotion Program with Enterprises

CSR has become a trend for sustainable corporate development, and the government of Taiwan has explicitly required companies to disclose their CSR information in order to fulfill their corporate social responsibility (such as Sustainable Development Best Practice Principles for TWSE/TPEx Listed Companies).

The College places CSR as a key direction and provides CSR training courses, CSR consulting services, and CSR project planning and implementation services to companies in hope of facilitating the collaboration and growth of the College and companies, enhancing the effectiveness of CSR implementation of companies, and expanding social influence of both the College and companies.

We offer CSR courses to companies

    We are offering CSR courses for companies to take.
    Currently, the CSR courses offered are as follows:  
  • Seminar courses:  Seminar courses include CSR theories, corporate governance, CSR report writing,introduction to related testing tools, and discussion of related sustainability issues, etc.
  • Visits and field trips:   We arrange visits to exemplary CSR companies to facilitate CSR knowledge exchange through experience sharing among the participating companies and participants.
    Course delivery methods
  • Attending courses at school
    Corporate managers and employees can come to the school to attend the courses or take further elective courses to obtain a certificate of study.
  • In-house training in corporate
    We arrange lecturers to conduct classes in the company or at a designated location with our CSR courses as the basis and in accordance with the needs of the company.
  • Detailed Course Information
    Please refer to the "The Promotional Plan for Enterprises to Take CSR Courses at the College of Management, National Sun Yat-sen University".

Corporate CSR consulting services

    Our team provides consulting services for corporate CSR promotion.
  • Professional team to provide CSR consulting services
    The team is formed by the professional faculty from different departments to assist in CSR consulting services.
  • Consulting Services
    During the cooperation period, we help enterprises by conducting an inventory of CSR needs and analyzing the current situation, and provide consultation and accompany enterprises in the implementation of CSR action plans.
    CSR internship for our students at partner companies
  • Corporate CSR practice and consulting program
    We cooperate with enterprises to set up a "Corporate CSR Practice and Consulting Project", which allows our students to conduct CSR internship in partner enterprises.
  • The Office of Career Development (OCD) of the College of Management provides internship matching services between companies and students.
    We work with the OCD to match company internships with students in response to corporate CSR needs.
  • Cases
    For example, our students from the College participated in the internship in the CSR department of Cathay Financial Holdings, assisting in a study of the impact of corporate CSR on consumer perceptions of corporate image, and the results were used to promote corporate CSR.

CSR project planning and implementation

We plan, promote and implement CSR projects for companies

Our team works with companies on a CSR project basis. We plan the project for the partner company on topics that are of interest to the company, and our team then integrates possible resources for implementation.

We compile CSR project results reports.

In addition to promoting CSR projects with partner companies, our team also provides reports on the results of the projects, which can be used by companies as a presentation of their CSR implementation achievements.

Contact information for this service

If you would like to have more information about the CSR-related services offered by the College, please call or write to us for more information.

The USR Team of College of Management

  • Phone:  07-5252000 ext.4915、4509
  • Email:  zihchu@mail.nsysu.edu.tw



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