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Graduate programs

BMInstitute of Business Management
IM Institute of Information Management  
F Institute of Financial Management  
hr Institute of Human Resource Management  
pam Institute of Public Affairs Management
Institute of Marketing Communication
International Programs (English-taught)
Master of Business Administration Program in International Business (IBMBA)
Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program (GHRM MBA)
EMBA Programs
EMBA Execuitive MBA program (EMBA)  
AP Asia-pacific Execuitive MBA program (APEMBA)  
CS Cross-Strait Execuitive MBA program(CSEMBA)  



Institute of Business Management
In 1980, in response to the emerging educational needs for Southern Taiwan, the Board of Education determined to establish NationalSun Yat-sen University in Kaohsiung, along with the initial establishment of undergraduate and graduate business departments. The objective of business department is to develop according to the existing focus of national policy on business trades to promote the management concepts and philosophies, nurture mid to high managing intellectuals for national enterprises, and undertake the academic researches. Through these efforts, we intend to build an educational center for business management and stand up as a hinge for the integrative academic and business trade development.

Inside the May 1999 issue of Global Views Monthly, the curriculum of the Business Administrative Department of National Sun Yat-sen University was scored slightly lower than the ones of National Chengchi University and Taiwan Normal University and ranked third. Also, on June 2001’s China Late Newspaper, it was rated as the top three favorite programs among the leading five desires from senior high students. Our department features the following “Five Excellences”:
1. Excellent Educational Objective
2. Excellent Faculty:
3. Excellent Teaching and Research Environment
4. Excellent Students
5. Prior Interaction with the Society

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Institute of Information Management
The 21st century is a computerized era. New challenges are faced by enterprises in dealing with rapidly changing technologies and environments. We need innovative approaches to integrate information technology and management to meet these challenges. The Department of Information Management at National Sun Yat-sen University provides a superior quality education in this way. We offer academic programs to prepare students with capabilities of solving business problems from both information technology and management perspectives. Our courses provide students working knowledge of technical aspects of information systems as well as the organizational, strategic, and managerial aspects of management of information systems and technology. As a result, our graduates are highly appreciated by prospective employers.

Widely regarded as one of the leading Information Management departments in Taiwan, the Department of Information Management offered the first undergraduate program (in 1984), the first master program (in 1989), and the first doctoral program (in 1994) among all national universities in Taiwan. We serve more than 160 undergraduates, 80 graduate students and many professionals each year. We also have been actively participating in and supporting national and international academic activities, and maintaining strong collaborations with industries in Taiwan. The Department therefore is gaining national and international outstanding reputation that all our faculty, staff, students, and alumni have contributed to.

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Institute of Financial Management

Department of Finance at National Sun Yat-sen University is part of a rich culture of excellence which inspires students to make a difference in the business. The faculty of the Department is dedicated to preparing itself and its students for the next century through innovative thinking and continuous improvement. Innovative educational programs are designed to provide the students with the skills and knowledge to adapt to the increasingly complex global marketplace.

The topics we cover include :
First, Financial Management in general :

  • Corporate Finance
  • Investment Management
  • Financial Markets
  • Financial Planning
  • Internal Finance
  • Options and Derivatives Management
  • Real Estate Management
Second, Financial Management for State-owned Organizations :
  • Treasury Management
  • Regulation of Financial Markets
  • Management of Banking Systems
  • Public Finance
  • Capital Budgeting and Evaluation
Third, Financial Management for Other Non-profit Organizations :
  • Financing Decisions and Planning
  • Budgeting and Evaluation
Fourth, Personal Finance :
  • Investment Analysis
  • Pension and Insurance Management
  • Taxation Management

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Institute of Public Affairs Management
Brief History
The establishment of the Institute of Public Affairs Management was inspired by similar developments in several of the world’s most advanced democracies. Since the 1980s, it has become increasingly common for leading universities around the world to combine the study of economic, social, and political aspects of regional development into a unified institute or department. Taiwan is gradually catching up with the developed democracies, and one aspect of this development is that the interrelations among governmental and private sector organizations are becoming increasingly complex. It is therefore desirable to combine a thorough knowledge of public affairs with established management practices when addressing the many problems that are related to public welfare.
The first head of the Institute of Public Affairs Management, Professor Wang Ming-sheng, pioneered the development of public affairs management in Taiwan. When the Institute was founded in 1992, it was the first entity of its kind in Taiwan. Initially, the Institute offered a specialized masters program. The educational mission was extended in 1998 to include a doctoral program. The vision of the Institute is to integrate methodologies from management and the social sciences in order to develop a new set of tools that will be useful for managing the design and implementation of Taiwan’s public policy.
Main Focus
To meet the needs of national and local development, the Institute offers students a choice betweenenvironmental management and metropolitan development as the main focus of their studies. These two themes represent the two main areas of expertise of the Institute and are descriptive of its teaching, research, and outreach objectives.
Curricular Characteristics
The Institute combines a general focus on public policy with a special emphasis on urban and environmental affairs. Moreover, it pursues policy-relevant research while employing established methods from the management field. Professors at the Institute also view the management of non-profit organizations as a relevant aspect of its overall competence. Key words and phrases in its research and teaching profile include “environmental management,” “urban and regional development marketing,” “community renaissance,” “urban renewal,” and “civil society.” 

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Institute of Human Resource Management
The Institute of Human Resource Management of the Sun Yat-sen University has become the leader in human resources management in Taiwan since it was founded on August 1, 1993. To expend the students’ international vision, enrich their pragmatic experiences and enhance their language ability and competitiveness in the job market, the institute conducts the following activities: offer students the opportunity of going abroad for advanced study, exchange professor with foreign universities, sponsor business projects research during summer vacations, and provide training in first and second languages.

To achieve the goal of elevating the level of human resources management and continuously instructing people to be professional and possess international vision, the institute undertakes research in human resources management and strives to enhance the quality of the students. Moreover, we offer various kinds of extension education courses and provide pragmatic courses as well. We also organize various kinds of lecture and international symposia to reinforce our academic research on pragmatic practice in the business world.

In pursuit of our objective to have the human resources management take root and flourish in both the academic and business spheres, we started doctoral degree courses in 1998 and will start undergraduate curricula in the near future. We have confidence that in due time human resources management will become another mainstream in the academic and business field in Taiwan.

In the five years since this Institute has been established, we have been able to make much progress because several large enterprises have rendered most enthusiastic support, and people from all walks of life have also given their most heart-warming assistance. In return we will strive to make good use of the resources and support they have offered to contribute positively to the growth of our society and country.

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Institute of Marketing Communications
The Institute of Communications Management (hereafter ICM) was established in 1997 under the guidance of Professor Ting-Peng Liang, as an independent research institute within the College of Management at National Sun Yat-Sen University (NSYSU). In 2014, ICM will be officially renamed the Institute of Marketing Communication(IMC).
ICM’s mission is to incubate students with academic knowledge of communications, and practical and analytical knowledge of management. It is currently the only graduate school in communications management in Taiwan. Graduates are awarded a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.
Since 2002, the ICM has been offering a continuing education program for professionals in the communications industry in an attempt to fill the gap in continuing education for professionals in Southern Taiwan. Since 2008, ICM has collaborated with the Department of Business Management to offer a joint PhD program in Communications Management, which has extended National Sun Yat-Sen University’s communications management education and made it more comprehensive.
ICM’s mission is to combine business, marketing, and communications management concepts, integrate emerging techniques in social and digital marketing, and cultivate marketing talent with knowledge in communications management, in an effort to broaden the field of marketing communications to respond to current development needs of businesses, government, and non-government organizations. ICM aims to:
1. Enhance cross-disciplinary integration of marketing management and communications management.
2. Educate and train students in marketing capabilities applicable to both the public and private sectors.
3. Ensure that students are informed about the latest developments in marketing communications technologies and benefit from our well-resourced learning environment.
4. Offer high-quality postgraduate education that combines training in theoretical foundations and practices.

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Master of Business Administration Program in International Business (IBMBA)
As one of the seven universities sponsored by the Ministry of Education (MOE), the NSYSU College of Management, in accordance with the Business Management Pilot Project hosted MOE, takes great pride in its IBMBA learning environment and curriculum design. The college targets prospective students with two years of work experience, with a goal of producing leaders of management in diverse areas.

The Program aims to train culturally aware international leaders equipped with a global vision, professional knowledge required by global corporations, and who are able to solve real-life business problems. This English-taught program enables students an academically and culturally diverse learning experience through first-rate instruction, excellent studentship and an overseas exchange program.

International Education in Management
The essential objective of management education lies beyond the mere transfer of management knowledge. An AACSB report indicates the most sought employees by corporations are those with communication and problem solving skills, ethics, professionalism and a global vision. Thus those attributes are incorporated in educational institutions participating under the AACSB accreditation umbrella. Aligned with the trend, this stipulates (1) Ethics, (2) Communication, (3) Problem Solving, (4) Professionalism and (5) a Global View as the five common learning goals for College students in 2008. The curriculum design, teaching approach and evaluation are shaped by such learning goals. The result of such learning objectives is a graduating class of strongly sought candidates in the global corporate marketplace.



Global Human Resource Management English MBA Program (GHRM MBA)
With the coming era of globalization, nations are racing intensely to gain competitive edge by investing in innovative knowledge and global talents developments, especially in the pursuit of academic prestige and elite-talent cultivations. The Program – Master of Global Human Resource Management established in the autumn, 2013. It aims at delivering a new English master degree program to develop competitive global talents, equip them with human resource management knowledge needed by international companies and integrate practices to cultivate elite international leaders.
We focus on accelerating internationalization and expanding students’ global perspectives, recruiting international students of excellence from different nations in order to develop mobile elite talents, and establishing global connection.
College of Management at National Sun Yat-Sen University is AACSB accredited. Our faculty mainly comes from our College and the Institute of Human Resource Management, which provides the best human resource management programs in the Asia region. We also invite practitioners from global companies to regularly participate in the classrooms and seminars as instructors.
Mission statement
This degree program is targeting to develop transnational HRM talents. Our mission statement is as followed:
* Develop top HRM talents that are mobile internationally.
* Construct knowledge in international human resource management.
* Establish ambidexterity with academic theories and practical internships.
* Unite global HRM specialists and experts.
* Enhance workplace diversity and multiculturalism.


Execuitive MBA program

Facing business environment changes, technological innovation and corporate globalization, managers of enterprise feel the pressure of competition.Thus it is essential for business leaders to continue further education and self-development. To promote a high quality education for business executives, our EMBA program offers professional courses in management training, and gives students access to diverse experts and renowned faculty. The student body is composed of individuals who work in a broad range of industries. These include industry, finance, technology, the public domain, the medical prfession, the national defense and the media. Because of the increasing trend of corporate globalization and Taiwanese corporate investment in China, we include global issues in our curriculum and take students to attend seminars overseas.


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Asia-Pacific EMBA Program (APEMBA) 

The establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) has provided a boost to a potentially active and large-scale integrated market among countries in the Pan Asia-Pacific region, including Taiwan. NSYSU pioneered in starting an advanced and innovative program, APEMBA, to address challenges confronting business executives in the highly dynamic environment of integrated economy. Therefore, our students have more opportunities to develop economic ties and close cooperation with people in other countries, and to join forces to ensure a prosperous future for the whole area.



Cross-Strait EMBA Program (CSEMBA)

An EMBA cooperation project with Tongji University in Shanghai provides an educational environment of business management and helps the students who are doing business between Taiwan and Mainland China to achieve the goals of high-value manufacturing industries. This program aims to satisfy the increasing demands of advanced study for senior business managers on both sides, the development of managerial personnel and tutorials for manufacturers, and ensure the performance of the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA).