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Vision, Mission, and Goals



To become one of Asia’s leading business management colleges exemplified by outstanding research, learning, innovation, entrepreneurship, industry collaboration and cooperation, and practical collegiate social responsibility and engagement.



We are committed to develop thoughtful leaders and generate valuable, contributory knowledge, elevating the world to greatness. To fulfill this, we strive to:

  • Promote excellent research: Attract and recruit superior scholars by offering extensive support of academic research, innovative teaching, social engagement, career development, and international network development.
  • Cultivate knowledge, skills, and abilities: Impart cutting-edge knowledge, managerial skills, and other essential capabilities, enabling students to become talented managers and leaders in private and public industry, globally.
  • Fulfill the College’s social responsibility: Promote good governance and development of enterprises, corporations, organizations, and communities through engagement, consulting, collaboration and cooperation, and other services.


Strategic Goals

Our College formulates and implements policies to carry out our strategic goals aimed at boosting globalization. We foresee to build up a campus with ethical diversity as well as to nurture competitive talents in a rapidly changing global business environment. Our College has actively established financial operations mechanisms, integrated operations, and faculty & staff development, and strengthens industrial collaborations and business partnerships. To carry out the fundamental policies effectively, we have set up five-fold strategic goals:

  1. Develop An Admirable Research Environment: In line with our mission, we promote and maintain our research environment quality and encourage faculty members to publish research in top-tier journals.
  2. Encourage Teaching Innovation: Through innovative teaching approaches, we guide students enjoy the opportunities appertaining to the front edge knowledge and do business practices, equip students with ethical perspectives, leadership, communication, problem solving, and teamwork in a globalized environment.
  3. Create an International-Friendly Campus: We focus on developing a campus with diverse ethnic backgrounds and provide decent English-taught programs and courses that promote the academic research and personal growth of faculty and students.
  4. Social Engagement and Impact: We elevate the graduates’ awareness of social care and social responsibility so that they can shoulder organizational, societal, and environmental responsibilities with impactful actions through the lens of genuine attitudes and macro perspectives.
  5. Encourage Entrepreneurship and Interdisciplinary Cooperation: We foster the trends of innovative entrepreneurship and internationally faculty cooperation in business and management domains. Our College cooperates with industry, provides interdisciplinary cooperation opportunities, and work together in creating new knowledge and innovative thinking.


Educational Goals

In line with our missions and vision, our College aims to cultivate our students into leaders with global perspectives who bear ethical values in minds constantly, communicate effectively, solve problems logically, and work with practitioners with their professional knowledge in an admirable ethical business environment. To fulfill this, we have set up five-fold educational goals:

  1. Ethics and Social Responsibility Practices: Educate students to abide by business ethics and professional conducts, to demonstrate social care, and to enact social responsibility practices.
  2. Communication Skills: Train students with sophisticated communication skills
  3. Problem Solving Skills: Cultivate students with adequate problem solving skills
  4. Professional Expertise: Polish students with professional knowledge and competence
  5. Global Visions: Nurture students with global viewpoints and perspectives.